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High performance 5G wearable body worn camera for insurance High performance 5G wearable body worn camera for insurance

High performance 5G wearable body worn camera for insurance

The "High performance 5G wearable body worn camera for insurance" is a specialized recording device designed for insurance claim representatives and field agents. The device utilizes 5G connectivity to offer superior performance, real-time data transmission, and enhanced efficiency in capturing critical evidence for insurance claims. The wearable design allows for ease of use and adaptability to different environments, while the high-definition lens captures clear and detailed visuals. The device also offers a range of advanced features for simplified and efficient recording.
Product Description

Key Features:

1. Enhanced connectivity

It offers exceptional connectivity, utilizing 5G networks for faster and more reliable data transfer. The 5G technology provides users with high-speed internet access, low latency, and improved network coverage, ensuring smooth and real-time recording and transmission of data.

2. IPS touch screen

The full-view screen design provides a immersive viewing experience, giving the user the feeling of being fully immersed in the content being displayed. With its retina screen and IPS display, this device combines style and functionality to offer users an optimal visual experience.

3. Triple anti-scratch

The protection offered by the triple anti-scratch glass extends the lifespan of the device, ensuring that it remains in good condition for longer. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep their device in tip-top condition, without worrying about scratches or other types of damage.

Specification:Processor: 8 nuclear 6nm Size: 93mm*58mm*25.5mm (device main body, excluding accessories) Weight: 185g (excluding accessories) Storage: RAM:4GB ROM: 64GB (expandable, with a maximum support of 512GB) Screen size: 2.8 inch 640*480 IPS capacitive touch screen Indicator lamp: LED indicator lamp Speaker: 2W, 3.5cm intercom speaker, 105dB volume. Interface: Type-C Dual cameras: The main camera has 4 million physical pixels, the radial camera has 13 million physical pixels, and the portrait camera has 2 million physical pixels, and the camera pixel can reach more than 64 million. Video coding: Supports dual code streams, H.265 & H. 264, MPEG-4. Video resolution: 3840*2160, 2560*1440, 2688*1512, 2304*1296, 1920*1080, 1280*720. Horizontal field of view angle: 117° Infrared night vision: Recognize face features within 6 meters Red and blue warning lights: Support Support network: 2G/3G/4G/5G Positioning: Dual-frequency Beidou /GPS positioning, sub-meter positioning accuracy. Bluetooth: Supports BT version 5.1. WIFI: 2.4/5 GHz dual-band WiFi, supporting wifi hotspots. NFC: Support APN: Support VPN: Support Capacity: Replaceable 3500mAh lithium polymer battery Duration of battery life: Video recording duration ≥ 12H(720P 30 frames). Replace battery without shutting down: Support

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