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108*62*25mm Large Volume H.265 Body Worn Camera 108*62*25mm Large Volume H.265 Body Worn Camera
108*62*25mm Large Volume H.265 Body Worn Camera 108*62*25mm Large Volume H.265 Body Worn Camera
108*62*25mm Large Volume H.265 Body Worn Camera 108*62*25mm Large Volume H.265 Body Worn Camera

108*62*25mm Large Volume H.265 Body Worn Camera

Product Description

It is a cutting-edge device designed for maximum performance and functionality. With its ergonomic design, it is comfortable to wear and can be easily integrated into a wide range of applications. This device boasts an advanced H.265 video encoding technology, ensuring high-quality video recording with low bandwidth usage, even in high-definition resolutions. Additionally, its large 108*62*25mm form factor provides ample space for advanced features and components, such as high-performance sensors, zoom lenses, and LED flashlights. This device's small size and lightweight construction make it an ideal solution for law enforcement, security personnel, and other professionals who require a discreet and reliable recording solution.

Key Features:

1. Superb intercom volume, immune to noisy environments

It features a deafening 110 dB sound output, a 4cm intercom special speaker, and enhanced communication performance. This advanced model showcases superior noise reduction abilities, efficiently assisting law enforcement officers in executing their duties in highly noisy environments like parks, fairs, roads, and factories.

2. H.265 Compression

It utilizes the latest H.265 compression technology, allowing for high-quality recording with significantly reduced file sizes. This efficient compression ratio ensures that the recorded videos take up less storage space, allowing for longer continuous recording without running out of memory.

3. Superior Quality Recording

It offers superior quality recording, capturing high-definition (HD) videos with clear and detailed images. The advanced camera sensor and high-performance lens combine to produce videos with rich colors, accurate contrast, and minimal noise, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision and clarity.

Processor: 8 nuclear
Size: 108mm*62mm*25mm (device main body, excluding accessories)
Weight: 185g (excluding accessories)
Storage: RAM: 2GB ROM: 32GB (expandable, maximum support 256GB)
Screen size: 3-inch 480*800 IPS capacitive touch screen
Speaker: 2.5W, 4cm intercom speaker, 110dB volume.
Video coding: Supports dual code streams, H.265 & H. 264, MPEG-4
Evidence watermark: User serial number watermark, location watermark and time watermark
Recording function: Pre-recording, extended recording, continuous shooting, extended recording, segmented recording, motion detection, emergency recording, SOS call automatic shooting
Intercom function: Wireless network push-to-talk
Duration of battery life: Video recording duration ≥ 12H(720P 30 frames).
Replace battery without shutting down: Support

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