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3 Inch Black 1080p Body Worn Camera 3 Inch Black 1080p Body Worn Camera
3 Inch Black 1080p Body Worn Camera 3 Inch Black 1080p Body Worn Camera

3 Inch Black 1080p Body Worn Camera

Product Description

It is a sleek and high-performance device designed for high-quality recording. Its 3-inch screen provides a clear and vibrant view, allowing for easy viewing and review of recorded footage in stunning 1080p resolution. The black finish gives the device a professional look, while its compact size makes it easy to wear and use. It delivers superior video quality and functionality.

Key Features:

1. Superb display quality

The device features a 3-inch black high-definition screen, offering superior display quality and allowing users to view recorded videos or live feeds in stunning clarity. This feature ensures that users can view recorded content with exceptional detail and precision, enabling them to capture vital information or evidence with accuracy.

2. HD three shots, 1512P HD video recording

The device features high-definition triple-lens cameras with a primary camera of 4 million physical pixels, a secondary camera of 13 million physical pixels, and a portrait camera of 2 million physical pixels. This allows for photo pixels up to 64 million and supports 1512P HD video recording for crystal-clear and stable footage, even when capturing documents

3. Big screen, convenient to operate

3 inch big screen, multi-point large screen touch provides better human-computer interaction experience. The big screen offers a larger target area for touch-based interactions, reducing the need for precise finger placement and making it more forgiving for those with larger hands or limited dexterity. This makes it particularly convenient for users with disabilities or those who just prefer a more accessible interface.


Size: 108mm*62mm*22mm (device body, excluding accessories)

Screen size: 3 inch touch screen

Video resolution: 2688*1512, 2304*1296, 1920*1080, 1280*720

Photo resolution: 1280*720 (1M), 1920*1080 (2M), 2336*1314 (3M), 2688*1512 (4M), 4032*2268 (8M), 8064*4536(32M), 9408*5292(48M), 10752*6048 (64M)

Horizontal field of view: 110°

NFC: Support

Use environment: -30℃ ~ +50℃, < 90%RH

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