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8 Cores 12h Long Battery Life Body Worn Camera 8 Cores 12h Long Battery Life Body Worn Camera

8 Cores 12h Long Battery Life Body Worn Camera

Product Description

The 8 cores 12h long battery life body worn camera is a high-performance and long-lasting device. With an 8-core processor, it ensures high speed and efficiency in handling tasks. Additionally, the device boasts a battery life of up to 12 hours, giving users a longer duration of continuous use. Whether applied in law enforcement, security, or other industries, its combination of processing power and extended battery life makes it a dependable choice for any recording need.

Key Features:

1. 8-core processor, improving overall efficiency

It has an 8-core processor, providing high speed and efficiency in handling tasks. This feature ensures that users can operate the camera smoothly and quickly, even when dealing with large files or multiple tasks simultaneously, which can greatly improve overall efficiency.

2. High capacity battery

The device is powered by a high-capacity 3000mAh lithium battery, giving users a longer duration of continuous recording for over 12 hours, ensuring that users can wear the camera for a longer period without the need to charge it frequently, allowing for uninterrupted monitoring or recording.

3. H.265 video encoding capability

Thanks to its advanced H.265 video encoding capability, this device has the unique ability to significantly reduce consumption traffic. By utilizing the latest video encoding standard, the device is able to compress video data more efficiently, resulting in a 30% reduction in bandwidth usage. This not only saves on network bandwidth costs but also improves overall system performance.


Processor: 8 cores

Dimensions: 89mm*58mm*27mm (device body, excluding accessories)

Weight: 180g (excluding accessories)

NFC: Support
APN: Support
VPN: Support

Battery capacity: Replaceable 3000mAh lithium polymer battery
Charging time: 2 hours
Duration of battery life: Video recording duration ≥ 12h(720P 30 frames).
Charging method: Support USB and base charger
Replace battery without shutting down : Support  

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