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Mobile Law Enforcement

In response to the comprehensive implementation of The publicity system for administrative law enforcement, The system of recording the whole process of law enforcement, and The legal review system for major law enforcement decisions, SCOOPER launched mobile law enforcement solution. It is mainly for public security, traffic police, traffic and transportation, market supervision, customs, border defence, energy, electric power, railways and other industries, providing evidence collection, evidence management, personnel positioning, track viewing, video return, SOS one-click assistance, emergency linkage, visual command and other services. The mobile law enforcement solution objectively and impartially restores the law enforcement scene, guarantees transparent law enforcement, and standardizes law enforcement behavior. Real-time positioning trajectory and video return achieve fine management and remote supervision and improve team management level. The cluster intercom capabilities achieve emergency linkage and flat command, improving work efficiency.

Transparent Operation Solution

With the widespread application of new-generation information technologies such as the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data, etc, task management has begun to show "visualization" characteristics, making task practice, task supervision, and task evaluation begin to integrate the concept of transparency in a large amount. In order to standardize the operation management process and system, and implement the responsibility system at all levels, SCOOPER aims at comparability of supervisory data, traceable processes, and monitorable problems, creating transparent operation solutions and realizing integrated management and control of "draw up in advance, execute at middle period and summarize after task " .
Focuses on overall solutions and services for the public security and emergency response industry.
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