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Easy to use desktop stand smart ip phone Easy to use desktop stand smart ip phone

Easy to use desktop stand smart ip phone

The easy to use desktop stand smart IP phone is a sleek and modern communication device designed to offer an efficient and convenient solution for command and dispatch. With its simple and intuitive user interface, the phone is easy to set up and use, allowing users to make quick and seamless transitions between different tasks. The device comes with a well-designed desktop stand that provides stability and allows for easy access to the phone's various features. The stand allows users to adjust the angle and height of the phone for optimal viewing and usage.
Product Description

Key Features:

1. Easy to assemble and adjust

It is designed for easy assembly and adjustment, making it simple to set up and use. The phone comes with a user-friendly assembly manual, guiding users through the assembly process step by step. Additionally, the phone's adjustable design allows users to adjust the height, angle, or position of the phone to suit their preferred usage angle or workspace layout. This easy-to-use design ensures that users can enjoy a personalized and comfortable user experience.

2. Video conferencing capabilities

The smart IP phone has a high-definition (HD) audio quality, ensuring clear and crisp sound reproduction during calls. Additionally, it supports video conferencing capabilities, allowing users to connect with colleagues or clients across distances seamlessly.

3. Smart integration

It seamlessly integrates with other smart devices or systems, providing a unified communication experience. The phone supports various connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet, allowing users to connect it with other compatible devices easily. Additionally, the phone provides a rich set of APIs and integration capabilities, enabling users to customize its functionality or integrate it with third-party apps or services. This smart integration ensures that the phone can be integrated into a smart system, business communication network, or other specific use cases seamlessly.


Operating system: Android 5.1.1 Display screen: 10.1 inches, resolution: 1280*800. Camera: 8 megapixels Memory: 2GB Storage: 16GB Dimension: 291mm*203mm*58mm

Antenna: WIFI/BT WLAN: 2.4GHZ/5GHZ,IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac Address book: Support Call record: Support Multi-conference: Support Fast dialing: Support Video surveillance viewing: Support POC intercom: Support Network port: Double network port USB interface: USB2.0,Micro USB interface HDMI interface: HDMI 1.4, type A interface Power adapter input: AC 100 ~ 220v, output: DC12V/1A. Working temperature: 0 ~ 55 degrees Celsius Storage temperature: -10 ~ 60℃. Working humidity: 10% ~ 80%, no condensation.

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