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Building on the success of our 4G model, the 5G Body Worn Camera provides even faster data transmission and improved video quality. With the power of 5G networks, this camera delivers ultra-high-definition video in real-time, making it an essential tool for modern law enforcement and security operations. Experience seamless video streaming and quick data upload with our 5G Body Worn Camera.

Discover cutting-edge surveillance technology with our range of 5G Body Worn Cameras at ISCooper. Designed with precision and innovation, our cameras redefine the standards of security and monitoring. With advanced features such as 4K resolution, precise positioning capabilities, waterproof design, night vision support, wireless connectivity, portability, and infrared functionality, our cameras empower you with unmatched surveillance prowess.

High-Definition Clarity (4K): Experience crystal-clear video quality with our 4K resolution cameras, capturing every detail with exceptional clarity.

Precise Positioning: Gain precise control over camera angles and views, ensuring optimal coverage and monitoring accuracy.

Waterproof Design: Our cameras are built to withstand harsh environments, providing reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions.

Night Vision: Enhance visibility in low-light conditions with powerful night vision capabilities, ensuring continuous monitoring around the clock.

Wireless Connectivity: Seamlessly connect and transfer data wirelessly for convenient access and efficient data management.

Portability: Compact and lightweight, our cameras offer unparalleled portability, making them ideal for on-the-go surveillance needs.

Infrared Functionality: Detect and capture infrared signals, expanding surveillance capabilities to a wider range of scenarios.

Explore our range of 5G Body Worn Cameras today and elevate your surveillance game with ISCooper.

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