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2 Inches Retina Screen Body Worn Camera 2 Inches Retina Screen Body Worn Camera

2 Inches Retina Screen Body Worn Camera

Product Description

The 2 inches retina screen body worn camera is a state-of-the-art device designed for real time recording and evidence capture. Its 2-inch retina screen delivers clear and vibrant visuals, offering superior display quality and allowing users to view recorded videos or live feeds in high definition. It also has a lightweight design, making it convenient to carry and wear. Despite its small size, the retina screen provides an excellent viewing experience, allowing for efficient evidence review and sharing.

Key Features:

1. Superior Display Quality

It boasts a 2-inch retina screen, offering an unparalleled visual experience. The use of IPS technology ensures wide viewing angles and color accuracy. The high-resolution retina display provides a pixel density of 286ppi, ensuring that text and images are sharp and clear, making it an excellent choice for evidence capture.

2. Remarkable recording capability

Its H.265 video encoding capability contributes to a 30% reduction in storage space requirements. With its efficient compression algorithm, the device effectively manages to store the same amount of video data in less space, thus optimizing storage utilization and saving precious resources.

3. Campact appearance

Its optimized design and light 180g weight make it ultra-portable and convenient to use. This feature ensures that users can wear the camera comfortably without any restrictions on their movement or activities, allowing for convenient use in various environment.


Processor: 8 cores

Dimensions: 89mm*58mm*27mm (device body, excluding accessories)

Weight: 180g (excluding accessories)

Screen size: 2-inch 480*360 IPS capacitive touch screen

Interface: Mini USB

Horizontal field of view angle: 107°

Important file tags: Support

Positioning: GPS& Beidou
Bluetooth: Supports BT version 4.1.

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