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Black Wireless Wearable Camera Black Wireless Wearable Camera

Black Wireless Wearable Camera

Product Description

The black wireless wearable camera is a sleek and stylish device designed for convenient wear and use. It is equipped with wireless connectivity, making it convenient to transfer files on cloud for storage and management. This enhances efficiency and allows for quick and easy access to recorded content. The wearable design of the device allows for easy attachment to various clothing items or accessories, ensuring hands-free recording. The device is also equipped with a built-in microphone, ensuring clear and crisp audio recording to complement the visual footage.

Key Features:

1.  Wireless network data transmission

This device enables multimedia transmission, including voice, images, and videos, and allows accessing or managing files on other devices via the cloud. It ensures that users can easily share or store the captured content for professional use.

2. Easy attachment

The wearable design of the device facilitates an easy attachment to a range of clothing items or accessories, thus ensuring hands-free recording. It can be worn comfortably without impeding users' movements or activities, allowing users move freely while recording, without having to hold the device or worry about it getting in the way. The wearable design also ensures that the camera can be positioned optimally for recording, whether it's mounted on clothing, accessories, or other suitable surfaces.

3. High-power red and blue warning lights

The alternating flashing of the red and blue warning lights is highly visible, fulfilling diverse service needs including night patrols, emergency alerts, and event security.


Dimensions: 89mm*58mm*27mm (device body, excluding accessories)

Weight: 180g (excluding accessories)

Horizontal field of view angle: 107°

Recording function: Pre-recording, extended recording, continuous shooting, extended recording, segmented recording, motion detection, emergency recording, SOS call automatic shooting.

WIFI: Support 802.11b, g/n.

Intercom function: Wireless network push-to-talk

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