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93*58*25.5mm wireless emergency body worn camera 93*58*25.5mm wireless emergency body worn camera

93*58*25.5mm wireless emergency body worn camera

The "93*58*25.5mm wireless emergency body worn camera" is a reliable and convenient tool. Featuring a sleek and compact design, the device is lightweight and easily mounts on the user's body or clothing, providing a convenient and unobtrusive way to record videos and capture images. With its advanced features and capabilities, the camera offers a reliable solution for capturing critical moments and events in high-definition with minimal effort.
Product Description

Key Features:

1. Emergency response capability

It is designed with an emergency response capability. It includes features that allow users to trigger an emergency recording with a single button press, ensuring that critical events or encounters are automatically recorded.

2. Long-lasting battery

It is equipped with a long-lasting battery that provides hours of continuous recording time. This ensures that users can rely on the camera to capture important moments without interruption, even during extended shifts or operations. The long-lasting battery also allows users to record critical events without the worry of lack of power.

3. User friendly

The intuitive user interface of this device or software is designed in a way that it seamlessly integrates function and form, providing users with an intuitive and efficient way to perform tasks. It prioritizes user-friendliness and simplicity, ensuring that even users with limited technical knowledge can operate it with ease.

Specification:Processor: 8 nuclear 6nm Size: 93mm*58mm*25.5mm (device main body, excluding accessories) Operating system: Android Storage: RAM:4GB ROM: 64GB (expandable, with a maximum support of 512GB) Screen size: 2.8 inch 640*480 IPS capacitive touch screen Indicator lamp: LED indicator lamp Infrared night vision: Recognize face features within 6 meters Evidence watermark: User serial number watermark, location watermark and time watermark. Important file tags: Support Recording function: Pre-recording, extended recording, continuous shooting, extended recording, segmented recording, motion detection, emergency recording, SOS call automatic shooting. Flash: Support Red and blue warning lights: Support Support network: 2G/3G/4G/5G Positioning: Dual-frequency Beidou /GPS positioning, sub-meter positioning accuracy. Bluetooth: Supports BT version 5.1. WIFI: 2.4/5 GHz dual-band WiFi, supporting wifi hotspots. NFC: Support Intercom function: Wireless network push-to-talk Capacity: Replaceable 3500mAh lithium polymer battery Duration of battery life: Video recording duration ≥ 12H(720P 30 frames). Replace battery without shutting down: Support Falling height: 2m Protection grade: IP68 (waterproof and dustproof)

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