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4K HD video recording and image transmission body worn camera 4K HD video recording and image transmission body worn camera

4K HD video recording and image transmission body worn camera

The "4K HD video recording and image transmission body worn camera" is designed for maximum video quality and transmission capabilities, which is applied in law enforcement, security, and surveillance. Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the device is easily mounted on the user's body or clothing, providing an unobstructed and mobile perspective for recording high-definition (HD) videos. With its advanced features and capabilities, the device offers a comprehensive solution for capturing critical moments and events with exceptional clarity and detail.
Product Description

Key Features:

1. Ultra-high definition recording

It boasts ultra high-definition recording capability, capturing videos at 4K resolution. The 4K resolution ensures that recorded videos are exceptionally detailed, with sharp and crisp visuals. The high-definition recording allows for the capture of critical details, such as facial expressions, scene elements, and evidence with precision and clarity. This provides law enforcement officers, security personnel, or surveillance teams with accurate visual information to assist in their investigations and monitoring tasks.

2. Image Stabilization

The device incorporates image stabilization technology to minimize blurring and shaking during recording. This feature ensures that recorded videos are smooth and stable, even when the user is moving or in high-action situations. The image stabilization technology compensates for small movements and vibrations, resulting in a clearer and more consistent recording.

3. Enhanced durability and portability

It is designed for enhanced durability and portability. The advanced battery system incorporates cutting-edge technologies that optimize power usage, resulting in a highly efficient energy storage and discharge system. This allows the device to maintain its performance even under heavy usage, ensuring that users can fully leverage all its features without worrying about battery life.

Specification:Processor: 8 nuclear 6nm Size: 93mm*58mm*25.5mm (device main body, excluding accessories) Weight: 185g (excluding accessories) Screen size: 2.8 inch 640*480 IPS capacitive touch screen Dual cameras: The main camera has 4 million physical pixels, the radial camera has 13 million physical pixels, and the portrait camera has 2 million physical pixels, and the camera pixel can reach more than 64 million. Video coding: Supports dual code streams, H.265 & H. 264, MPEG-4. Video resolution: 3840*2160, 2560*1440, 2688*1512, 2304*1296, 1920*1080, 1280*720. Photo resolution: 1280*720(1M), 1920*1080(2M), 2336*1314(3M), 2688*1512(4M), 4032*2268(8M), 8064*4536(32M), 9408*5292(48M), 10752*6048(64M). Horizontal field of view angle: 117° Infrared night vision: Recognize face features within 6 meters

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