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2 Inches High Definition Body Worn Camera for Traffic Police 2 Inches High Definition Body Worn Camera for Traffic Police

2 Inches High Definition Body Worn Camera for Traffic Police

Product Description

The 2 inches high definition body worn camera for traffic police is a specialized device designed for use by traffic police. It features a high-definition recording capability, taking clear and sharp images with high definition. The device is designed to be mounted on the body, offering a wide range of viewing angles and capturing every important moment. It also features a wireless connection, allowing users to effortlessly transmit data or images to other devices without the need for cables or wires. It is cutting-edge technology designed to enhance public safety and improve evidence collection. This compact and 2 inches recorder is specifically crafted for traffic police to record high-quality video and audio evidence while on duty.

Key Features:

1. High-definition screen and outstanding imaging

The device provides a high-definition recording capability, offering distinct images and videos. The high-definition screen and exceptional imaging deliver crystal-clear visuals and rich details for an unparalleled viewing experience.

2. 2 inches screen and lightweight

Its optimized design and light 180g weight make it ultra-portable and convenient to use. This feature guarantees users' comfort in wearing the camera without any constraints on their movements or activities.

3. Easy operation

The device is designed with an easy-to-use interface, making it simple to operate and use in a hurry or stressful situation. This feature ensures that traffic police can quickly and easily capture important evidence or information without any difficulties or delays.


Dimensions: 89mm*58mm*27mm (device body, excluding accessories)

Weight: 180g (excluding accessories)

Screen size: 2 inches

Dual cameras: main camera:4 million physical pixels, portrait camera:2 million physical pixels, the camera pixel can reach 32 million

Support network: 2G/3G/4G

Protection grade: IP68 (waterproof and dustproof)

Video resolution: 2688*1512, 2304*1296, 1920*1080, 1280*720
Photo resolution: 1280*720(1M), 1920*1080(2M), 2336*1314(3M), 2688*1512(4M), 4032*2268(8M), 8064*4536(32M)

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