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Chemical Park

Chemical Park


The chemical industry is a high risk, high danger industry, therefore, safety production is an important core point to ensure the stable operation of chemical enterprises. The chemical plant inspection, is a pivotal part of the chemical safety production management, to timely discover the hidden dangers of accidents, to prevent the occurrence of accidents plays an important role.

SCOOPER park inspection body worn camera, with Ex ib IIC T4 Gb explosion-proof grade, designed for the visual inspection needs of chemical park and dangerous chemical park.

By wearing patrol inspection body worn camera, patrol personnel can record the process of patrol inspection in real time, and record the information and data in the process of processing. At the same time, all video data can be shared with the security control center. In the event of abnormal operation state of the device, the alarm feedback can be pressed to quickly link the control center.

Through the visual inspection platform, the control center can control the position and current status of the patrol personnel. After receiving the alarm information, it can contact the peripheral safety personnel and emergency experts to deal with it based on the alarm location, and eliminate the hidden danger of the accident in the bud.

Park patrol body worn camera + visual patrol inspection platform can achieve comprehensive, accurate and efficient supervision and inspection of the chemical park, effectively improve the safety and supervision efficiency of the park.

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