Product Description

Office Telephone Terminal & Command Terminal

A desktop terminal developed and produced by the company, which has the functions of audio and video calling, conference consultation, video monitoring and POC intercom, etc. It can be used as a daily telephone for communication and daily video conference between leading offices and cross-departmental and cross-level personnel. It can also be used as a command terminal to cooperate with the command center, various functional departments and front-end personnel.

Outstanding features:

1. Self-research and self-production
Self-research self-production is one of the core advantages of POLAR D6. Scooper has its own production subsidiary, which can supervise the whole production process, ensure the stability and reliability of the desktop command terminal, and at the same time make the terminal have the characteristics of high customization and high controllability.
2. Large-capacity address book, with clear boundaries of management authority.
POLAR D6 / G provides an intuitive and clear multi-level address book display, which can accommodate more than 2000 address book members' information, and can present multi-level department and member information on one screen. At the same time, different terminal users can be given different address book management rights according to their needs.
3. 10.1 inch large screen
It has a 10.1-inch large screen and an 8-megapixel camera, which provides multi-screen video conference, making the conference clearer. The terminal can collect common or important meetings, and can hold relevant meetings with one click without re-selecting members.
4. Call & Real-time audio and video recording of the meeting, without missing important contents.
For daily calls or meetings, it has the ability of real-time recording and video recording, and can also provide the function of one-click conversion of recording to text to assist the rapid generation of meeting minutes and help users not to miss important contents.
5. IP+PSTN dual-mode call
It supports IP+PSTN dual-mode calling, which can be connected by IP in daily use. When the internal telephone can't get through or when there is a network situation, it can be automatically switched to PSTN external telephone lines to ensure the stability of the call.
6. Set multi-terminal functions in one
It integrates the functions of "office terminal+dispatching terminal+consultation terminal+supervision terminal+duty terminal" and is mainly deployed in command centers, leading offices, duty rooms and other places.


Operating system: Android 5.1.1
CPU performance: quad core, 1.8GHZ
Display screen: 10.1 inches, resolution: 1280*800.
Camera: 8 megapixels
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 16GB
Dimension: 291mm*203mm*58mm.


Antenna: WIFI/BT
WLAN: 2.4GHZ/5GHZ,IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth: BT2.1+EDR

Software functions:

Audio and video call: Support
Address book: Support
Call record: Support
Multi-conference: Support
Fast dialing: Support
Video surveillance viewing: Support
POC intercom: Support


Network port: Double network port
USB interface: USB2.0,Micro USB interface
HDMI interface: HDMI 1.4, type A interface
Handle interface: RJ-9
RJ11: one, for PSTN analog telephone line access.

Working environment:

Power adapter input: AC 100 ~ 220v, output: DC12V/1A.
Working temperature: 0 ~ 55 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature: -10 ~ 60℃.
Working humidity: 10% ~ 80%, no condensation.

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