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Multi-Device Law Enforcement Recorder Data Collection Station Multi-Device Law Enforcement Recorder Data Collection Station

Multi-Device Law Enforcement Recorder Data Collection Station

Product Description

Multi-modality-free combination
It is designed and developed independently for data acquisition and management of body worn cameras, which supports concurrent acquisition of video and audio data of multi-channel body worn cameras. It provides the functions of face recognition, fingerprint unlocking, automatic collection, automatic emptying, storage management, authority management, etc. It also has the advantages of changeable forms (desktop, wall-mounted and vertical), high-speed collection, dynamic display of collection status, multiple data protection, unattended support and so on.

Outstanding features:

1. Free combination, ever-changing forms
It has three forms: desktop (8-port, 16-port), wall-mounted (16-port) and vertical (24-port), and is suitable for various data acquisition scenarios.
2. High-speed concurrent acquisition capability
It supports a maximum of 24 concurrent acquisition capabilities, supports a maximum transmission speed of 8Mb/s, and realizes high-speed acquisition.
3. Multiple data protection
It adopts enterprise-level hard disk, which can realize Raid data backup and overload safety protection. At the same time, the acquisition station has the ability of face recognition unlocking and fingerprint unlocking, and provides different control rights for different users to ensure data security.
4. The acquisition status is dynamically visible.
It supports unattended operation. After connecting the body worn cameras, it can realize automatic collection, clearing, charging and other operations. The equipment is visible corresponding to the screen display position, and supports breakpoint continuous transmission.
5. Strong interference resistance
It adopts Full Metal Jacket, which has the ability to prevent strong electric field and strong magnetic field interference.
6. Abnormal access alarm
Two hard disk slots with locks, which prevent manual pulling out after locking. At the same time, in case of abnormal access, the acquisition station will give an alarm.


Operating system: Win10 64-bit
Display module: 13.3 inch 1920*1080 capacitive touch
Touch module: Multi-point capacitive touch screen
Main chipset: EFI BIOS chipset, Intel Elkhart Lake series processors.
Memory capacity: 8GB DDR4
System hard disk: 250GB SSD solid state drive
Storage capacity: Standard: 4T (8T, 12T, 16T and 20T storage capacities can be selected).
Fingerprint unlocking: Support
Face recognition: Support

Software functions:

Acquisition management: Support
Data processing: Support
Storage management: Support
Data synchronization: Support
Rights management: Support
Log management: Support

Key interface:

Storage interface: Built-in double disk hard disk interface.
Acquisition interface: Mini USB(8 ports /16 ports /24 ports), with optional Type-C.
On/off key: Physical key *1
Network interface: RJ45*2
Data interface USB-A female *2
Display interfaces: HDMI*1, VGA*1
Extended accessory interface: MDR*3

Working environment:

Power:  AC power adapter 100 ~ 240 V; 60/50Hz overvoltage and overcurrent protection, over-power protection and short-circuit protection
Power consumption: ≤120W
Working temperature: -20℃~60℃
Working humidity: < 90%

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