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Scooper technology industry expert won the HCSP industry certification of Huawei Government Affairs Network Communication Corps

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Scooper technology industry expert won the HCSP industry certification of Huawei Government Affairs Network Communication Corps

Recently, Scooper technology industry experts successfully passed the Huawei HCSP-Presales (Huawei Solution Expert) certification, and the first two experts to pass the certification are Dong Wenzhao and Zhou Shixin. HCSP-Presales is a certification system for mid-level pre-sales engineers who participate in the sales of  products & solutions of Huawei's government and enterprise business in China, and is also a necessary certification qualification for Huawei's Government and Enterprise Corps partners.



The HCSP-Presales (Huawei Solution Expert) certification is highly professional, and the assessment content is based on Huawei's "Urban Intelligent Agent" architecture, covering multiple fields of government affairs and urban digital scenarios. The HCSP-Presales certification means that the technical engineers have the core competencies of proficient product knowledge, in-depth understanding of customer needs, independent solution design, and proficiency in the operation of projects and tenders. This time, according to the professional knowledge reserve, excellent practical experience and rich industry accumulation, experts of Scooper won the Huawei HCSP-Presales certification. This is not only an affirmation of the technical engineers of Scooper Technology, but also a high recognition of the overall strength of Scooper.

As Huawei's preferred solution development partner, Scooper, with its leading technical strength and excellent service capabilities, has launched in-depth cooperation with Huawei in many fields such as emergency management, urban transportation center, stadium park and so on. In November 2023, as Huawei's big model ecological partner, Scooper participated in the "City Intelligent Agent @ City Big Model Summit" co-sponsored by Shenzhen Futian District People's Government and Huawei Technologies Co., LTD., helped the release of the "City big Model joint solution", deeply participated in the "Huawei Pangu government big model Joint Innovation action", and lit the new future of urban "smart" management.


Relying on more than ten years of industry experience in the field of safety and emergency response, Scooper has set up a professional algorithm team to create a large model of GinGPT urban safety. The model uses deep learning algorithms to provide intelligent services such as accurate recommendation, intelligent search, intelligent question and answer, and association analysis for emergency command, disaster prevention and mitigation, production safety, and science popularization and education, so as to achieve deep integration and mutual promotion of business and knowledge, empower urban safety and emergency management intelligentized and refined, and lead the digital and intelligent transformation of the public safety industry.

In the future, Scooper Technology will continue to play its own technical advantages in the field of digitalization and intelligence, and work cl osely with Huawei to embrace new technologies, go to the new track, build a new ecology, achieve win-win cooperation in more scenarios, and work together toward a bright future of intelligence and digitalization.

Focuses on overall solutions and services for the public security and emergency response industry.
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