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Scooper attended "Huawei China Partner Conference 2024"

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Scooper attended "Huawei China Partner Conference 2024"

 On March 14, Huawei China Partner Conference 2024 was grandly opened in Shenzhen. The theme of the conference is "Born from cohesion, Digital intelligence". Facing the wave of digital intelligence transformation, Huawei works with partners to discuss how to strengthen the "Partner + Huawei" system to help customers seize the huge opportunities of digital intelligence transformation and accelerate the step into a smart world. With enthusiasm and expectation, Scooper Technology attended this annual event of the ICT industry, discuss with Huawei and industry partners the road of co-construction of digital intelligence solutions in the industry, and jointly build a strong, open, close and growing "Partner + Huawei" system.

2024 First preferred solution partners

  As a partner of Huawei E-Government Network Communication Corps, Scooper Technology was awarded the title of the first batch of preferred solution development partner of Huawei 2024. Wan Heng, Minister of Huawei Industry ICT Solution Partner Development Department, He Liang, Minister of China Government Enterprise Financial Solution Sales Department, Xiao Xuegang, Minister of China Government Enterprise Large Enterprise Solution Department, Yang Jian, Minister of Government Affairs One Netcomm Corps Partner Development and Sales Department, jointly awarded the Preferred partner trophy to the partners. This honor is not only an affirmation of the achievements of our past cooperation, but also an expectation of our future cooperation. Scooper will firmly follow Huawei's "sail on the same tack" action plan, and grow together with Huawei for a win-win future.


Joint Solution Incubation Award

  Scooper and Huawei have carried out in-depth cooperation in emergency management, urban transportation center, venue emergency, large language model and other fields, to create joint solutions and innovate application scenarios, and won honors at the joint solution Incubation Award award ceremony of this conference. We will continue to work with Huawei to deeply understand the industry scene, accurately grasp customer needs, deeply integrate technology and business scenarios, and jointly serve customers' digital intelligence transformation through policy upgrading, tool upgrading, product and solution upgrading.



Healthcare Industry joint solution release

  In addition, in the medical industry, Scooper also participated in the launch ceremony of the joint solution for disease control monitoring and early warning and emergency command. In view of the complex and changeable disease prevention and control situation faced by the current medical industry, this program uses advanced digital intelligence technology to realize real-time monitoring, early warning and efficient emergency command of diseases, and provides strong technical support for the field of disease control. The release of this solution marks another milestone step for Huawei and Scooper on the road of digital intelligence transformation in the medical industry.



  In the future, in the journey of accelerating the transformation of digital intelligence in the industry, Scooper will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "focus, professional and value", rely on the company's technology and experience accumulation in the field of public safety and emergency, jointly innovate and grow with Huawei, and seize the huge opportunities of digital intelligence transformation. Jointly embrace the star sea of digital intelligence transformation in the industry, so that the world of digital intelligence can be reached at a touch and burst with unlimited energy.

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