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SCOOPER was invited to participate in the national civil air Defense informatization construction seminar

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SCOOPER was invited to participate in the national civil air Defense informatization construction seminar

On the afternoon of September 12, the national Civil Air Defense Informatization construction seminar organized by the National University of Defense Technology, School of Information and Communication was successfully held in Wuhan. Nearly 50 leading cadres from the national defense mobilization offices of all provinces (municipalities) gathered together to offer suggestions for promoting the reform of the national defense mobilization system. SCOOPER was invited to participate in the seminar, displayed the digital state mobile information solutions and related products on the seminar site, and shared the theme in the seminar, which was praised by the leaders attending the seminar.


In the seminar, Fang Wenjin, product manager of Marketing Department of SCOOPER, shared the theme of "Exploration and practice of Digital National Development Information Construction". She sorted out the distinctive characteristics of national defense mobilization system reform and the new requirements of industry informatization construction. At the same time, she also introduced in detail the research results and practical experience of SCOOPER in the field of digital national development, and elaborated how to realize the overall management, integration and sharing of potential resources. How to use the new generation of technology to improve the mobilization of action command means; How to improve the public perception and participation, in order to achieve the real benefit of the people. She stressed that through the application and innovation of new technologies, SCOOPER can make national defense mobilization work more efficient, accurate and humanized, and better serve the people.

Visit and Communication

In the communication and exhibition area, SCOOPER displayed POLAR series intelligent body worn camera, desktop terminal and other device. Leading cadres of national Defense mobilization offices of various provinces (cities) visited the booth of SCOOPER one after another. Wu Zhen, general manager of Wuhan Branch of SCOOPER, gave a warm reception, and the participating leaders spoke highly of the scientific and technological achievements of SCOOPER in digital national development. It is agreed that the digital national mobilization solutions and related products of SCOOPER are very forward-looking and practical, which is of great significance to promoting the digital transformation of China's national defense mobilization cause.

With the rapid development of digital technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, the construction prospect of digital national mobile can be expected. This seminar provides valuable experience and inspiration for the informatization construction of national air defense, and also points out the direction for the development of digital national defense in the future. For SCOOPER, this seminar is undoubtedly an important demonstration and affirmation of its digital national strategy. In the future, SCOOPER will continue to uphold the original aspiration, take users as the center, have the courage to explore and innovate, actively expand the application field of digital technology, and make greater contributions to promoting the construction of digital national information technology to a new level.

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