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Leading the industry credit norms -- Scooper Technology won the 2023 "Zhejiang Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise"

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Leading the industry credit norms -- Scooper Technology won the 2023 "Zhejiang Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise"

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration announced the 2023 Zhejiang Provincial credit management model enterprise identification list, according to the "Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration on the 2023 Zhejiang Provincial credit management model enterprise creation Notice" (Zhejiang Provincial Supervisory Credit (2023) No. 6) requirements, after the independent declaration of enterprises, the verification and recommendation of the district and city market supervision Administration, and the evaluation of the provincial market supervision administration, Scooper Technology won the 2023 "Zhejiang Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise" with outstanding enterprise credit management construction and industry-leading service quality. This honor is not only a full affirmation of the construction of integrity culture, but also the embodiment of the company's good corporate credit demonstration image.

Zhejiang Province credit management demonstration enterprises refer to enterprises recognized by Zhejiang Province Market Supervision Administration, with sound credit management institutions, perfect credit management system, obvious credit management effect, good social credit image and typical exemplary role. The application of "Zhejiang Province Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise" can guide enterprises to integrate credit management into enterprise development strategy, which plays an important role in carrying out credit management, improving credit level, effectively preventing business risks, and promoting high-quality development of enterprises.

"Zhejiang Province credit Management demonstration enterprise" participation conditions are enterprise registration and normal production and operation for more than 3 years, no illegal behavior, high attention to credit management. In terms of selection requirements, comprehensive evaluation of enterprise management profile, enterprise financial status, enterprise industry status and development prospects, annual enterprise financial audit report, credit management system construction, credit management practice operation, information management system, bank issued by the enterprise credit and credit status certificate, enterprise credit management personnel configuration and qualification certificate. The selection of "Zhejiang Province Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise" is a provincial government honor awarded to market players with good credit management, good economic benefits and good development prospects, aiming to spread the concept of honest management, create a good integrity trend of "honest standing, reputation and business development", and promote the transformation and upgrading of the private economy.

Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration through a complete set of credit index system, the applicant's credit management system, credit files, financial contract management, credit external image, social responsibility and other comprehensive audit, to measure the content, degree and performance of enterprise credit management, enterprises with exemplary significance can be announced as Zhejiang Provincial credit management model enterprises. It can be said that the credit management ability of the evaluated enterprises has a significant benchmarking role in a region, and will enter the "credit Zhejiang" enterprise credit red list, and gain more advantages in market transactions, government procurement, and government support.

Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the integrity management, integrated the credit management into the enterprise development strategy, improved the economic benefits and social influence of the enterprise through credit management, continuously enhanced the ability of self-development and comprehensive competitiveness, and continuously improved the reputation. The company has no record of dishonest behavior in various fields of enterprise operation, production safety, product quality, tax payment according to law, labor security, environmental protection, and intellectual property rights, and has achieved remarkable results in enterprise credit management, and has been awarded the "Hangzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise 2022".

In the future, Scooper Technology will continue to strictly follow the evaluation standards of "Zhejiang Province credit Management demonstration Enterprise", do a good job in the company's credit management and integrity construction, and provide good credit protection for the sustainable and stable development of the company; fulfill social responsibility, shoulder the responsibility of The Times, maintain a good credit record, increase credit accumulation, show the good credit image of the enterprise, lead the credit norms of the public safety and emergency management industry, and make new contributions to the construction of "credit Zhejiang".

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