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Combining the depth cooperation | SCOOPER passed H3C group solution partner certification

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Combining the depth cooperation | SCOOPER passed H3C group solution partner certification

Recently, SCOOPER passed H3C Group solution partner certification, officially become H3C certification level partner. Solution partners are important members of the ecosystem of H3C. Together with H3C, they are committed to building an unbounded ecosystem, incubating competitive solutions, focusing on high-value scenarios, jointly bringing customers satisfactory choices, and contributing to the sound development of the industry in digital transformation.

Based on the social background of promoting the establishment of national demonstration cities for safe development, it provides overall solutions around demonstration cities for safe development, and develops sub-businesses by adapting to documents such as Detailed Rules for the Evaluation of National Demonstration Cities for Safe Development and Guidelines for the Construction of Comprehensive Monitoring and Early Warning Platform for Urban Safety Risks (Trial) issued by Work Safety Commission of The State Council. Using key technologies such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things platform and large model, SCOOPER and Xinhua III first cooperated in smart city linkage command, pan-government emergency command, integrated communication and other fields, and jointly created smart city, smart emergency response, linkage command and other joint programs, integrating risk monitoring, analysis and early warning, linkage disposal, post-disaster assessment and other functions. Based on the application of emergency command standards, a number of smart emergency topics, such as a map of risk monitoring and a map of emergency resources, have been created to realize the integration of urban safety and core emergency resource information in one screen, and at the same time, rich business application scenarios such as flood control and forest fire prevention have been created. The core technology of integrated communication and intelligent digital plan command capability are used to realize cross-department and multi-terminal integrated command and scientific command.

In the future, SCOOPER and H3C will continue to deepen technological exchanges, expand cooperation platforms and expand cooperation areas, comprehensively integrate superior resources of both sides, continue to promote the effective integration and in-depth application of information technology, smart city and emergency management business, and inject new momentum into the construction of safe China and digital China.

Focuses on overall solutions and services for the public security and emergency response industry.
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