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Chemical industrial park intelligent security risk control platform | Promote production safety, power industry high quality development

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Chemical industrial park intelligent security risk control platform | Promote production safety, power industry high quality development

Chemical parks are an important carrier and platform for the high-quality development of China's chemical industry. The 20th National Congress Report of the Communist Party of China points out that "promote the special rectification of production safety risks and strengthen the safety supervision of key industries and areas". The Ministry of Emergency Management vigorously promotes the safety rectification and improvement of chemical parks from 2021. In 2022, the Construction Guide for Intelligent Safety Risk Management and Control Platform of Chemical Industry Parks (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the Guide) was issued, which opened the construction of intelligent safety risk management and control platform of chemical industry parks in China.

Relying on the construction standards of the Guide, the chemical industry park intelligent management and control platform of SCOOPER aims to effectively prevent and defuse major security risks, strengthen infrastructure construction such as perception, network and security, and build risk early warning capabilities through data analysis, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile communication and other technologies. To control the overall safety situation of enterprises in the park and provide targeted supervision and guidance to key enterprises and key locations, ensure the safety of personnel and property in the park, and improve the safety production level of the chemical industry. In promoting scientific and technological innovation, production safety and the integrated development of the park, the coordinated linkage between different enterprises, different departments and different levels should be realized to help the safe and high-quality development of the chemical park.

Core Values

01 Global security management of the park

Carry out all-round control of key baylocks, factory perimeter and key areas of buildings (storage of hazardous chemicals, important facilities, etc.) in the park, collect and feedback the safety production situation, equipment operation status, personnel and vehicles and other relevant information in the park, so as to realize full-state perception and whole-domain monitoring.

02 Special operation supervision support

Special operations are the cause of frequent security risks and hidden dangers in the park and enterprises. The platform special operation management system can realize the reporting, statistical analysis, online spot check and inspection of special operations of enterprises in the park, and effectively prevent and resolve the safety risks caused by special operations.

03 Implementation of hidden danger warning mechanism

The platform can summarize real-time data related to dangerous goods devices, and establish an early warning mechanism through data analysis and modeling. When potential safety risks or abnormal conditions are found, the system can automatically send out early warning information, so that emergency measures can be taken in time to avoid accidents.

04 Follow up the whole process of emergency response

The platform provides a guided event processing process and technical support for the optimization and reasonable scheduling of emergency rescue resources. The whole process records all data, video and voice information from accident reporting, preparation, command, rescue, aftermath, analysis to termination, providing scientific and intuitive decision-making support for emergency handling.

05 A diagram of park management and control is displayed

According to the overall management business and management needs of the park, a map of different scenarios of the park is built, and the data analysis model is used to realize the statistical analysis of the basic information of the park, the distribution of enterprises in the park, security, emergency response, closure and other business situations, so as to quickly understand the general situation of the park, improve the efficiency of information acquisition and park management, and enhance the value of data.

06 Chemical park GinGPT

GinGPT of chemical Industry Park gathers more than 78,000 text data, including papers, research reports, patent standards and other contents related to the park. Data-driven, natural language processing, parallel training and other technologies are applied to the training in the field, which solves the problems of different technical capabilities of personnel in the park and low quality training effects. GinGPT in the chemical park can sense the key information of the question through question and answer, and quickly give corresponding answers based on its chemical knowledge reserve, so as to improve the work efficiency of the park.

In the chemical industry, SCOOPER will continue to deepen the application of chemical parks, and provide all-round and intelligent management and support for the safe production of chemical parks. Through the construction of smart chemical industry park, the deep integration, transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the park can be promoted, the industrial agglomeration capacity of the park and the economic competitiveness of enterprises can be improved, the performance improvement of parks and enterprises can be promoted, and the characteristic development, standardized management, efficient operation, safe and green benchmark park can be helped build.

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